Electronic Medical Records

Selecting the right Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for your practice is a critical decision: one that will impact all aspects of your operations for years to come. But constantly changing EMR technology can make selecting and implementing a system that will work for your practice today – and as your needs evolve – extremely challenging. The experienced practice management consultants of RR Health Strategies (RRHS) can help you overcome these challenges and effectively leverage the benefits EMR can provide to practice management, regulatory compliance and patient care.

RRHS will work closely with your team to develop a road map to seamlessly integrate your EMR: from helping you best determine how an EMR fits into your practice strategy, to selecting the right vendor and implementing the EMR so that it is effectively "operationalized" into the clinical practice.

With an approach that's customized to the individual needs of your practice, our industry-leading team of skilled professionals will handle aspects of EMR project management including:

  • EMR practice assessment and vendor selection. We'll evaluate your current practice workflow, with an eye toward assessing your needs and identifying potential areas of improvement. We'll then recommend ways to re-engineer your workflow, assist with EMR vendor selection, contract negotiations and prepare your practice to achieve meaningful use.
  • EMR implementation and practice monitoring. RRHS will implement your rollout strategy, which will include documenting new workflows and processes, creating the necessary templates and conducting staff training. To ensure your EMR is operating at peak efficiency going forward, we'll perform a benchmark analysis of evaluation and management (E&M) coding patterns, conduct meaningful audits and billing reviews, as well as monitor coding, accounts receivable and denial trends.

The RRHS team has done this time and again for New York tristate healthcare providers of various sizes: academic medical centers, faculty practice plans, community hospitals and private practices.
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