Should You Be Using a Scribe in Your Practice?

What is a Scribe

Scribes have become an integral addition to many medical practices.  If properly trained and used appropriately, they can add value to your practice by offering the following:

  • Allowing the provider more face-to-face time with…
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Did You Know?

Incident-to services are widely misunderstood. Most providers are unclear about the CMS guidelines and may be billing for their non-physician practitioner (NPP) services non-compliantly.

Do you know the answers to any of the following questions?

· What…

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Medical Billing Companies — A Few Tips…

Over the past years, Medical Billing has become more complicated, cumbersome and expensive. It is no wonder medical practices are outsourcing their billing to a specialized billing company.

If you are considering utilizing a billing company, there are…

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